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Doggy Daycare

The coolest indoor park ever! wagbnb daycare offers socialization, play, naps, exercise and love for your pet. They will spend the day with our trained, compassionate, and assertive staff who also provides basic training and lots of love. Watch them make friends and play via live web cams. All breeds and sizes welcome! Playgroups are formed with dogs of similar size and temperaments. Let them play and you will bring home a happy and pooped pooch.


Daily Daycare


Full-Day doggy daycare:                   $24
Multiple Dogs:                                   $19/dog


Half-Day (up to 6 hours):                  $15
Multiple Dogs:                                    $13/dog


Happy Yappy (up to 3 hours):          $10


Late pick-up (7:30-8 pm):                  $5



Daycare Packages


5-Full Day Package:                            $110   (save $10)
5-Half Day Package:                           $70      (save $5)
10-Full Day Package:                          $210    (save $30)
10-Half Day Package:                         $130    (save $20)
20-Full Day Package:                          $400    (save $80)
20-Half Day Package:                         $230    (save $70) 
30-Full Day Package:                          $560    (save $160)
30-Half Day Package:                         $340    (save $110)
40-Full Day Package:                          $730    (save $230)
40-Half Day Package:                         $440     (save $160)
100-Full Day Package:                        $1800  (save $600)
100-Half Day Package:                       $1080  (save $420)


*Day packages are nonrefundable, nontransferable, and expire in 12 months.

For dogs to participate in

daycare they must pass

a PCE test first that will take place during their first day of daycare

Playgroup Compatibility Evaluation (PCE): All males dogs over 7 months must be neutered, no exceptions. Females dogs will not be allowed to stay if in heat or recently out of heat. Dogs may not be aggressive with people.​​​Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella must all be up-to-date. Puppies are only allowed if they are 16 weeks old and have had at least 4 series of puppy shots and bordetella.

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