Take the anxiety, hassle and clean up out of bathing your furry friend at home.  Bring home a squeaky clean, happy and fresh smelling pup. The wagbnb spa offers all the luxuries you expect from a human spa. The spa includes full service bath, blow dry, nail clip and grind, ear cleaning, spritz, gland expression and more. You can also choose to bathe your pup yourself in our self service spa complete with grooming table, dryer, brushes, towels and shampoo. 

Spa Time


Exit Bath: $20

  *Includes basic bath and blow-dry. 


Specialty Bath: $25

  *An amazing spa bath for those pups with extra skin issues, wants or needs.


Exit Spa: $40 

  *Includes bath, blow-dry, brush, nail trim, teeth, and ears. 


Al a cart Services 

  -Nail trim: $5

  -Brush: $5

  -Teeth: $5

  -Ears: $5

  -Specialty Shampoo: $5




*Let us know when to expect you and we'll have your pet nice and clean before pick-up.


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