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Pet Perks

More wiggle in the wag! wagbnb offers lots of ways to pamper your pet and add even more quality to their stay. From pupsicles to bedtime stories to parent FaceTime sessions.  

Pet Perks

Report Card: $4
House Food: $3 per day

Pupsicle: Cool Ice Cream Treat. $4
PupCorn Treat: $4
Fill-a-Kong: Peanut-Butter Filled Kong. $4
Chill-A-Kong: CBD Peanut-Butter Filled Kong. $4
CBD Treat: $4
Puppuccino: Whipped cream in ice cream cone treat: $4
Arts and Crafts: $10
Goodnight Cuddles: Right before lights out a staff member checks in, fluffs pillow, and offers one-on-one time for cuddles, petting, love and deeper massages along with a goodnight kiss. $10
FaceTime: 10 minutes of a staff member hanging out with your dog talking to you live via iPhone facetime. $10
Individual playtime: 15 minutes of one-on-one playtime with a staff member in our outdoor park or indoor play area.  $10
Hike Time: A 1 mile, 15 minute walk with a staff member. $15
Enrichment Activity: 15 minutes of enrichment time with puzzle feeders, ball pits, snuffle mats, lick pads, etc.   $10
Daycare Full-Day: Added to apartments, bedrooms, or suites overnight stay (PCE required). $15 Half-Day: $10

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